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General Air Solutions

Actuator selection tool

non-spring return
Rotary actuators
- CM (2 Nm)
- TM..A (2 Nm)
- LM..A (5 Nm)
- NM..A (10 Nm)
- SM..A (20 Nm)
- GM..A (40 Nm)
Linear actuators
- CH (125 N)
- LH..A (150 N)
- SH..A (450 N)

spring return
Rotary actuators
- TF (2.5 Nm)
- LF (4 Nm)
- NF..A (10 Nm)
- SF..A (20 Nm)
- EF..A (30 Nm)

Rotary actuators
- NM..P (10 Nm)
- SM..P (20 Nm)
- NKQ24P.. (6 Nm)

IP66/NEMA4 Damper actuators
Rotary actuators
- GM..G (40 Nm)
- SMQ..G (16 Nm)
SuperCap actuators
- GK..G (40 Nm)
spring return
- NF..G (10 Nm)
- SF..G (20 Nm)

Very fast-running actuators
Rotary actuators
- LMQ..A (4 Nm/2.5s)
- NMQ..A (8 Nm/4s)
- NMD..A (8 Nm/20s)
- SMQ..A (16 Nm/7s)
- SMD..A (16 Nm/20s)
Linear actuators
- LHQ..A (100 N)
- SHQ..A (200 N)

SuperCap actuators with fail-safe function
Module SKM.. + CM24K..
Rotary actuators
- NKQ..A (6 Nm)
- GK..A (40 Nm)
Linear actuators
- LHK..A (150 N)
- SHK..A (450 N)

Actuators with damper blade

Actuators with high torque
Rotary actuators
- PMCA (160 Nm)
SuperCap actuators
- PKCA (160 Nm)

Actuator overview
Water Solutions
Safety Solutions
Room & System Solutions
(incl. VAV and room temperature controllers)
Bus & System Integration
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SF..A Spring-return actuators 20 Nm
 For dampers with security function up to approx. 4 m²
 95° angle of rotation
Universal spindle clamp 10...22 mm 14...25.4 mm

The product may differ from the illustration

Spring-return actuator 20 Nm
AC/DC 24 V, communicative
Communication LON (FTT-10A)
Running time motor 150 s / 90°
Running time fail-safe <20 s / 90°
IP54, Manual override by means of hand crank and locking switch
Connection Cable 1 m PVC
Direction of motion motor selectable with switch L/R
Mechanical interface Universal shaft clamp 10...25.4 mm


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CE Declaration of Conformity

PDF Data Sheets for SF24ALON Send PDFs for other items
Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions (PDF - 690 kb) Send Data Sheet
Mounting instruction (PDF - 577 kb) Send Data Sheet
LON actuators with CO2 control (PDF - 249 kb) Send Data Sheet
Sensor Plug-in Description (PDF - 893 kb) Send Data Sheet
Actuator Plug-in Description (PDF - 530 kb) Send Data Sheet
Controller Plug-in Description (PDF - 767 kb) Send Data Sheet
Functional Profile (PDF - 449 kb) Send Data Sheet
Applications with integrated temperature controller (PDF - 2,195 kb) Send Data Sheet

Accessories for SF24ALON
AV8-25   Shaft extension 240 mm
Length approx. 240 mm
For shaft sizes Ø 8...22.7 mm
Shaft extension Ø 20 mm

IND-AFB   End stop indicator
for NF..A / SF..A
Galvanised steel

K7-2   Shaft clamp reversible
Insert central mounting 3/4" + Insert central mounting 1/2" incl., (1", 3/4", 1/2")
for NF..A / SF..A
for central mounting

KG10A   Ball joint
suitable for damper crank arm KH8, for round iron rods with Ø 10 mm
Galvanised steel

KG8   Ball joint
suitable for damper crank arm KH8, for round iron rods with Ø 8 mm
Galvanised steel

KH8   Damper crank arm
Clamping range Ø10...18 mm
Slot width 8.2 mm
clamping range Ø10...18 mm

KH-AFB   Actuator arm
(round shaft clamping range 10...22 mm)
for NF..A / SF..A
for 3/4" shafts

MFT-P   Belimo PC-Tool
Software for adjustments and diagnostics
for MF/MP/MOD/LON/KNX actuators incl. fire protection
for Windows Systems

P200A-F   Feedback potentiometer 200 Ohm
Incl. mounting accessory, fitting to:
LF, NF..A, SF..A, NF-US, AF-US / cable 1 m FRNC

S2A-F   Auxiliary switch, 2 x SPDT
1 mA...3 (0.5) A, AC 250 V
Adjustable switching point 0...100%
Incl. mounting accessory, fitting to:

ZF10-NSA-F   Form-fit insert 10 x 10
for spring return actuators NG
Types: NF..A / SF..A
Supplied in Multipacks of 20 units

ZF12-NSA-F   Form-fit insert 12 x 12
for spring return actuators NG
Types: NF..A / SF..A
Supplied in Multipacks of 20 units

ZF16-NSA-F   Form-fit insert 16x16
for spring return actuators NG
Types: NF..A / SF..A
Supplied in Multipacks of 20 units

ZG-AFB   Mounting and linkage kit
for flat and side installation
1 fastening element
4 fastening angles

Z-SF   Base plate extension
for NF..A / SF..A
for NF..A / SF..A to NF.. / AF..
incl. 1 screw and 1 nut

ZTH EU   Service tool for parameterisable and communicative
Belimo actuators / VAV controller and HVAC performance device.
Integral MP level converter (ZIP)
Incl. connecting cable ZK1-GEN, and USB-cable

Tender Text
SF24ALON.RTF - 15.03.19

Safety notes

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